ISLE of Wight endurance runner Ross Wilkes successfully completed the 127th Boston Marathon — the oldest annual marathon in the world — and rounded off with a personal best time.

Ross, of Newport — a member of the Isle of Wight Road Runners club — completed the race in a sound 2hrs 57mins on Monday. 

The Boston Marathon, established in 1897, is the oldest annual marathon in the world and one of the six world marathon majors.

"Unlike the others, there is no general entry, but instead, runners must get a qualifying time, making it one of the hardest to get into and most competitive fields of athletes," said Ross, who made the trip over to the United States especially to take part. 

"I needed to get a qualifying time of under three hours to get in for my age category, which I did at the Manchester Marathon last year, in 2.58.00. 

"Boston was an incredible experience, the crowds and support were jaw dropping and it was brilliant to be a little part of its history. 

"I felt very proud to be representing the Island over there."