TWO teams of Isle of Wight cyclists hope their preparation has put them on the road to success at the Island Games 2023 in Guernsey.

The inter-Island competition will run from this coming Saturday until Friday, July 14.

Team Isle of Wight has a host of sports men and women representing us, and we are introducing you to them ahead of the big competition. 

The mountain bike team, managed by Russell Thomson, is comprised of:

  • Men — Adam Holleyman, Stu Waite, Nick Earley, James Rogers and Joe Tracey.
  • Women — Becky Cook and Nadia Lele.

Adam, the team captain, said: "It's the first games for many years since we've fielded a full mountain bike squad.

"All of them have been training hard for many months now. The best result will be to come away, having given everything, and be happy the result reflected all the hard work, discipline and dedication to their preparation.

"No one rider stands out as a favourite in the team, and our strength is in the depth.

"It's so hard to predict and to aim for a specific result as it is hard to know what many of the competition have been doing, with such an international field.

"From past experience there will be a very high level of cycling at the games.

"The lads will race hard and give everything. A team medal would be awesome."

The road cycling team heading to Guernsey, managed by Russell Page, is comprised of Kev Chant, Joe Staunton, George Spooner, Nick Hutchings and Elvis Belton.

Joe, the team's captain, said preparations were going really well, with team members racing across the country in preparation — which included the recent National Championships in Yorkshire.

The team has also been undertaking training sessions together on the Island to simulate the demands of the racing in Guernsey. 

The road team has two previous Island Games competitors in Nick and Joe.

Nick won a bronze medal at the 2011 games on the Isle of Wight in the time trial, plus bronze in the team criterium.

Joe competed in Gotland and Gibraltar in triathlon and cycling, picking up top 20 places in the cycling events.

"I'm looking forward to solely focus on cycling in Guernsey," said Joe.  

Kev, Elvis and George will be making their Island Games debuts.

"The main advice I've given them is to try to enjoy and absorb the week as much as possible, as it’s a completely unique experience," added Joe.

"The team is really strong in depth this year, with riders having significant experience and success across all three disciplines.

"If all the stars align on the day and we work together, the team is capable of medalling in all three disciplines — the road race, time trial and criterium.

"The riders have recently set Island records, competed at the National Championships and competed at the highest national level this season, so we go with confidence."

Try telling any of the athletes going to the Island Games the event does not have a kind of magic.

"The Island Games means so much to all the islanders. There’s a real sense of community between all competitors, which makes it both a fiercely competitive, but also friendly event," Joe adds.