A crew of eight young sailors have successfully circumnavigated the Isle of Wight after two failed attempts due to bad weather.

Last Sunday (September 3), the Island sailors – aged 11 to 17 – were finally able to get underway thanks to last weekend’s glorious weather in the event called ‘The Quest’s Quest’.

The junior sailors, Richard, Devon, Catherine, Max, Katherine, Alice, Bede, George and the team’s instructor, Joanna, set off from Yarmouth at 4.30am and returned home at 8.30pm.

Raising money for the West Wight Dementia Choir, the team has reached a total of £2,600, with a little more expected.

A spokesperson from Yarmouth Sailing Club said: “The biggest thank you goes to Inez Newman who, with her boys Max and George, took a dream and allowed it to grow into the event that it became.

“Along with Joanna and a group of other friends who accepted the challenge, they then just got on and did it. 

“Postponed due to poor weather on two occasions, it would have been easy to have cancelled, but it is a tribute to Inez that she did not let it go that way.”