THERE was some family rivalry in the match of the week in Division One of the Isle of Wight Table Tennis League.

Newport teams, Vics A and B, locked horns in what turned out to be a tight affair. 

The A team's Anna Joyce had an excellent match, beating Lawrence Fo and Michael Jose, but lost in straight sets to her dad, Barry Joyce, in the B team. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Anna Joyce of Vics A notched up some great wins.Anna Joyce of Vics A notched up some great wins. (Image: IWTTA)

With the B team going into the doubles leading 5-4, Joyce and Fo took the game easily, to give Vics B a 6-4 victory.

Shanklin A had a difficult match against the Ryde Reprobates, with Mike Turner their only successful player, beating father and son, Martin and Lewis Johnstone, in an 8-2 loss.

Ryde teams populate the top four spots in the table, with Ryde A having snatched top spot from Ryde C.

Isle of Wight County Press: Mike Turner notched up Shanklin A's only wins.Mike Turner notched up Shanklin A's only wins. (Image: IWTTA)

In Division 2, teams from Wootton, Havenstreet and Newport all had strong wins over Ryde opposition.

Havenstreet Hooters made short work of Ryde Allsorts with a 10-0 whitewash, while Wootton Wanderers beat Ryde Lizards 8-2, and Newport Vics C beat the Ryde Revellers by the same scoreline. 

The Vics v Revellers match proved to be an unusual one, with the Reveller’s Dave Batten standing in to play at the last moment in unsporty jeans and shoes, while the doubles match was contested between two Pauls (Lewis and Harper) and two Nickys (Dando and Turner). 

Isle of Wight County Press: Nicky Dando of the Ryde Revellers showed good form.Nicky Dando of the Ryde Revellers showed good form. (Image: IWTTA)

The Reveller’s Nicky Dando and Nicola Turner also had excellent singles victories over Newport’s Paul Lewis, both in five sets. 

Vics C remain top of the table with Ryde Rascals in second. 

In Division 3, the two Shorwell teams had mixed fortunes, with the Saints losing 9-1 to Newport Vics D, and the Spinners beating the Ryde Frogs 10-0. 

Vics D head the table, with the Spinners on their coattails.

Division 1:
Newport Vics A 4, Newport Vics B 6; Ryde Goshawks 1, Ryde A 9; Ryde Ravens 4, Ryde B 6; Ryde Reprobates 8, Shanklin A 2.
Division 2: Ryde Lizards 2, Wootton Wanderers 8; Havenstreet Hooters 10, Ryde Allsorts 0; Ryde Rockets 4, Ryde Rascals 6; Newport Vics C 8, Ryde Revellers 2.
Division 3: Shorwell Saints 1, Newport Vics D 9; Ryde Rustics 3, Ryde Retailers 7; Ryde Frogs 0, Shorwell Spinners 10.