Are Wight Building Services having a laugh?

So, let's big up Island tourism, cycling, rambling, dog-walkers and horse-riders to enjoy our Island, and, let’s send gravel lorries up and down their route all day long!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Brock’s Copse Road part of the coastal path and runs alongside an area of outstanding natural beauty?

Or has this company failed to notice the blue signs at the top of the road.

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Or, maybe one of the company hierarchy lives along Palmers Road, as how on earth can that road already be excluded from the transporting of gravel and not the country lane?

Palmers Road heads straight out onto the main road whereas ours doesn’t, and what about the ancient bridge in the dip? It beggars belief!

I guess because our road has less residents we are easier to override.

I do hope our council ward member is going to fight for us and with us as it seems although Wootton contains the land involved, but Whippingham are going to be taking the punishment — however, on reading the article (CP, 12-11-21) it certainly sounds to me as if the deal is already done.

So lets say a sad farewell to the road’s namesakes and the squirrels that thrive in the surrounding trees and just rename it Brock’s Corpse Road.