The Owen Paterson affair should be seen for what it is.

Paterson was simply the fall guy providing Boris Johnson with the perfect means to try and disband the government standards committee, less it delve too deeply into the PM’s lavish life style and excesses often bankrolled by his chums.

I am afraid my heart does not bleed for Owen Paterson, who I am sure will receive a peerage just like Zac Goldsmith who provided Boris’ latest holiday accommodation.

Goldsmith, close friend of Boris, received a seat in the Lords shortly after losing his seat as a Conservative MP.

The Tory Bullingdon boy back-slapping Etonian elite, have always been mired in sleaze, it’s part of their DNA, with the rich pickings becoming greater and greater the higher they ascend in the Conservative Party.

It has always been one rule for them, and another rule for the rest of us.

All we voters need to remember is to doff our caps and not ask too many awkward questions.

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