So, me and Our Eddie thought we’d better get our flu jabs as previously, we had had them by now and the GP hadn’t called us about it this year.

They’d sent a text, but I didn’t have me glasses on and I accidentally deleted it when I was trying to answer the phone.

Oh I was livid, them hard-faced so and so’s pretending to be from Carphone Warehouse trying to scam me.

Where was I… oh yes. So off we go to the Boots in town as someone told me they were doing the flu jabs in there.

Well, the queue for the pharmacy was half-way out the door! We were in there so long, we had a meal deal each, Our Eddie booked a hearing test for a hearing aid and I got some comfy insoles for the new shoes I bought the other day.

I almost forgot what it was I was queuing for by the time we got to the front.

Turned out they do offer the flu jabs but the next available appointment is in January 2022.

So he tells me we can get the flu jab from our GP. So I tell him, are you joking?

I’ve seen more red squirrels than I have seen GPs since we moved here, and I’ve only seen one and that was squashed on the road by Quarr Abbey (a red squirrel, not a GP).

In the end, he says they can squeeze us in at the Boots in Sandown, which isn’t so bad as we can have a good mooch round the charity shops and have a spot of lunch by the sea.

It does make you wonder what it is they’re planning for the GPs on the Island. Closing down our surgery makes me wonder if they want to open the market for ‘private’ GP practices.

I was born before the NHS and I’d never have thought it would ever be as bad as this government has made it. Shocking, isn’t it.

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