I don’t think we have fallen out of love with our NHS, as your letter writer suggests, (CP online, 06-12-21), but chickens are coming home to roost for sure.

A fortnight ago I recall reading a national newspaper headline that reported medical negligence claims in Scotland for this year alone had exceeded £1bn.

Medical negligence claims clearly are a huge issue facing our NHS, and likely to get much worse.

Brexit saw many experienced European doctors return home. Currently vacancies for doctors and nurses exceed those entering the profession, indeed, such is the crisis our government has tried to hoodwink the public by counting medical students in their final year as ‘new’ doctors and nurses despite not being fully qualified.

These new recruits will not be as experienced as the many medical professionals currently leaving the profession, and as for those still practising, we hear many are totally exhausted.

Inexperience and exhaustion make a perfect combination in which mistakes occur.

Perhaps, when it comes to medical negligence costs, we haven’t seen anything yet, but then again, the perfect storm we see brewing in our NHS is what many of us voted for in general elections, so when you and your loved ones can’t get the medical care you need, don’t complain, it’s probably what you voted for.

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