I was very interested in Matthew Chatfield’s fascinating article, Ryde works: why did the sewer at Appley fail? (CP online, 09-01-22).

During the summer a small group of Ryde residents had the good fortune to speak informally with a sewage treatment expert sent to Appley to help diagnose and repair the leak.

He informed us the pipe dealing with the waste water was only just managing to deal with the greatly increased volume of sewage since the system was commissioned.

With the large amount of housing being added to the area he was concerned that in his opinion the system will be overwhelmed within two years, this was without the higher rainfall being experienced these recent years.

The pipe repair, being dry-lined, would only decrease the volume being able to flow through it.

It is my belief that the time has come for Ryde, having the largest population on the Isle of Wight, to have its own sewage treatment plant with screening and maceration but also ultra-violet tertiary treatment.

This is required if the Isle of Wight is to continue to rely on tourism, especially as we are being encouraged to have staycations.

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