In view of the horrendous toll of road traffic accidents over the last few months on the Isle of Wight, second only to London, apparently, I read with interest that, in just one weekend, a visiting Roads Policing Unit from the mainland issued 49 fixed penalty tickets.

These included offences of speeding, no insurance, not wearing a seat belt, insecure load and unroadworthy vehicle — all potentially serious matters — as well as for a number of less serious offences.

(How many would be issued in a typical weekend without the intervention of the visiting Roads Policing Unit, I wonder?)

In addition, a man was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and assistance was rendered at a incident involving a tractor and overturned trailer.

What more evidence does the chief constable and/or police and crime commissioner require for the immediate reinstatement of a dedicated Isle of Wight Road Policing Unit, rather than a unit with split responsibility for roads policing and firearms response?

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I trust that our newly appointed district commander will be pressing for the same.

If not, will any one of the three be explaining why not?

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