Regarding the plethora of complaints against Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely, I wonder what people expect.

Conservative governments do not act in the national interest, i.e. for the benefit of the populace, except when failure to do so would be detrimental to those of significant wealth.

In consequence, honesty and “practise what you preach” are subverted for a “me first” philosophy to benefit a minority at the expense of the majority.

Previous Conservative government actions are responsible for so many of the UK’s current iniquities and egregious outcomes.

The privatisation and selling-off of vital infrastructure and services e.g. communications (telephone and post), council provisions (garden and parks maintenance and waste collection) buses, electricity, gas, NHS supplies, prisons, trains, water etc. impact badly.

Government ministers, largely devolved from responsibility of these essential needs, instead defer issues to a regulatory body.

It takes some time for the consequences of government legislation to become apparent. Thanks to past Conservative government policies, especially under Margaret Thatcher, we have:

• Profits taking priority over essential services

• Sale of council houses with the monies going to central government and no quid pro quo additional council house builds

• Demutualisation of building societies coupled with abandonment of 2.5 times main salary earner plus one times partner salary requirement for mortgage maximums, resulting in a house price explosion particularly detrimental to first time buyers

• Disbandment of Fair Rent Tribunals

• Local governments of all hues, where elected representatives put their own remuneration (allowances) as an essential requisite when, pre-Thatcher, local councillors received nothing

• Absorbing the NRA (National Rivers Authority) into the Department of Environment and the loss of the expertise and maintenance of rivers and flood plains

• Pride of work by council employees in maintaining parks and gardens, and waste collection, replaced by profit for private contractors

• Waste collection services similarly replaced by private contractors

• A higher rate of tax reduced from 83 per cent to 60 per cent and then to 40 per cent with the fallacy that top earners would not continue to seek disproportionately high pay

• Increase in minimum wage with a contra reduction in government-provided benefits, consequently detrimental to employers and no overall benefit to employees

• Rural bus services axed

• Iniquitously unfair council tax system, replacing equally unfair poll tax, resulting in those with the smallest or most modest of homes paying disproportionally and significantly more respectively, to those with substantial properties and acres of ground

• £billions of dubious contracts awarded to Covid profiteers.

On a positive note, we have, thanks to Prime Minister Johnson, Brexit.

If an independent forensic audit of EU expenditure was implemented, I suspect that even the most ardent EU supporter would be appalled.

As it is, the EU generously benefit its MEPs and civil servants of member countries through pay, allowances and subsistence morphed into a mass of self-serving, undemocratic, bureaucracy.

An arrangement consisting of a few nominated specialists from each country, in each field of learning, ranging from aerodynamics to zoology, would facilitate expert opinions and recommendations.

It should then be up to the parliaments of each country to accept or reject any recommendations, thus ensuring democratic national decisions, minimal costs, no MEPs, minimal civil servants, and maximum benefits.

A similar basis could also be easily achieved on any trade deals.

I no longer vote in either national or local elections because no political party represents my aspirations and expectations. Perhaps I am alone in my thoughts: hope not!

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