Downing Street canapés? Operation Red Meat? Melton Mowbray pork pies?

They are all a diversionary dog’s dinner cooked up whilst the real, ‘plat du jour', is surreptitiously served by dishy Rishi, who quietly spills the beans that a staggering £4.3bn, (yes £4.3bn!) of the £5.8bn stolen by furlough fraudsters, will be ‘written off’.

Whilst Thérèse Coffey announces the government will spend £530million to identify and prosecute Universal Credit cheats.

An interesting dichotomy between two groups.

One more likely to include loyal Conservative voters and party donors, the other less likely to.

They say only a fool bites the hand that feeds you.

Many Conservatives, under Boris Johnson’s leadership, increasingly look like little children who have been caught with their hands well and truly stuck in the treasury cookie jar with crumbs all over their face, and when questioned say, no, no, I didn’t eat any biscuits.

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