The PM and chancellor have confirmed the proposed increase in national insurance to fund our NHS will go ahead, saying ‘there is no magic money tree’.

But what happened to the £350 million a week ‘extra’ for our NHS Boris Johnson promised as a post-Brexit benefit?

There clearly was an enormous ‘magic money tree’ to funding multi-million pound PPE contracts for ministerial mates with no track record in this field, and now we are told over £2.7 billion worth of PPE is deemed ‘unused’.

And what about the £4.3 billion of fraudulent furlough grants the chancellor is now writing off?

The Conservatives would have use believe they are the party that’s prudent with public finances.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Their fiscal incompetence is nothing short of staggering.

What they are very good at however is hitting the middle classes and just about managing in their pockets to pay for their shoddy handling of taxpayers' money.

The sooner our country is rid of these Peppa Pig accountants, the sooner it can move forward.

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