Visiting Sainsbury’s last week two police officers exited with a bulging shopping bag, I was tempted to whimsically ask, ‘off to a party officers?’

On reflection I wondered why such a disingenuous and cynical thought had even entered my head.

It’s bad enough many have already formed the opinion that the person leading our country is little more than lying dog.

But we are a nation of dog-lovers and there are those who will rally around and are only too willing to line up and defend their much loved uncontrollable mutt, no matter what others might think.

But here’s the rub, our police force, who we rely on to maintain law and order, have turned a blind eye to the unruly behaviour of this pack leader, and they are now been dragged into the fray.

The Metropolitan Police, under the leadership of Cressida Dick, after months and months of very firmly saying they will not get involved with retrospectively investigating Covid regulation breeches, having seen an advanced copy of the Sue Gray report, have suddenly announced that they will now be launching a police investigation, and that any evidence linking individuals to wrongdoing will need to be redacted from Sue Gray’s report before publication.

How wonderfully convenient for Big Dog. Who now is not going to believe that Cressida Dick is little more than Boris’s bitch?

If the public form the opinion that Cressida Dick deliberately interceded to ensure the full truth of what went on in Downing Street is hidden from the public, then say what you like, but our police as a respected institution in the eyes of many members of the public will be immeasurable damaged.

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