David White’s ‘Memories’ article (CP online, 05-02-22) jogged my memory of some of the faces I drew for the original ‘Wight Life’ magazine.

I didn’t keep copies of all of the 100-plus portraits I drew and admit some of their names and faces had faded from my memory.

Seeing his two-page spread of ‘Past Personalities,’ reminded me of the quality of his superb photography skills.

It also refreshed my memory of some of names and faces I’d spent hours drawing.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Artist Peter Leath, as drawn by Anne Grant.

Thank you David, now I recall some of the personalities, such as Bert Kemp, Nesta Meech, Len Mitchell and George Weeks. Keep these old photos coming!

In my Wight Memories article (CP, 10-01-2020), ‘Wight Life magazine – then and now,’ I mentioned David’s photography role in the magazine production.

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