As letter writer Alan Sargent (CP online,15-02-22) will know, Jesus also said 'go and sin no more', so the question is whether Boris Johnson can change habits of a lifetime.

Long before Brexit and many years before there was any serious possibility of Johnson becoming Prime Minister, his own nearest and dearest were acknowledging that he had always had a peculiarly tenuous relationship with truth.

This has become clear for all to see since he has been at No 10 Downing Street.

Issues over payment for opulent wallpaper, Abba parties, wine fridges and so on are trivial in themselves and together merely paint a picture of a puerile pantomime at the heart of government, but shamelessly misleading parliament and giving false interpretations of statistics, as Boris Johnson does regularly, is not excusable and should not be acceptable — even to diehard Tory voters.

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