We have been visiting the Isle of Wight for some 50 years, partly due to the fact that my mother and father lived in Yaverland for 35 of those years and we always has great affection for the area and the people.

Having just returned from a weekend hotel stay in Sandown with friends, I find it difficult to explain the horror of the neglect by both the building owners, developers and council, who have allowed the buildings on the seafront to go beyond the state of repair to what can only be compared to a war zone.

While it is appreciated that the properties require significant investment, without possibly having the required profitable return, should not the council, at the very least, erect 2,400mm high hoarding along the front of the affected properties and the decorate them with images of Sandown past, to at least attempt to show a pleasant view, as opposed to the wasteland of damaged buildings and builders' rubbish?

This would make a far more welcoming sight than the current mess and provides the impression that something is being done.

Without anything being done, Sandown will sadly suffer from further neglect, with fewer visitors and further lack of spending in the local economy, leading subsequently to more business closures.

Development in the area has been successful with the construction of the new Premier Inn and also the residential flats on the parade and as such, it cannot be beyond the wit and wisdom of the local authority to assist and encourage such further investment.

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