Latest figures produced by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust show that by the end of June, 58 people who had confirmed cases of the virus were discharged from St Mary's Hospital, in Newport.

This means the patients have regained enough of their health to no longer need hospital treatment as part of their recovery.

In total, 39 people have died from the virus in the hospital since the pandemic began.

The figures also show that only four people were being treated in hospital for Covid-19 by June 30.

Speaking at a meeting of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Board this week, chief executive Maggie Oldham said: "I want to continue to convey to all of our staff, on our behalf, our continued thanks for the way they have gone above and beyond. Many people are working in very difficult situations and circumstances throughout this Covid period.

"I think as we are coming out of lockdown, life seems to be returning to normal but for many members of our staff it isn't normal still — the heavy use of personal protective equipment and for many staff who are required to work from home I know that life feels far from normal."