Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely has raised his concerns during a parliamentary debate about the future of Huawei mobile technology on Tuesday afternoon.

The government has announced that the Chinese tech giant's equipment will be stripped from the UK’s 5G network by 2027.

Critics say it will add billions to the cost and will delay the delivery of the high-speed mobile network.

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Speaking during a debate in parliament, Mr Seely called for action to be taken much sooner than 2027.

WATCH the statement in full HERE (at 13:42)...

He asked Culture, Media, Digital and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden: "This does look like a long, slow goodbye to Huawei. Does he understand the concerns of some people here is that that seven years is a long time in politics? It would be better to be done sooner. Maybe the lesson from all this is that for a host of reasons - economic security, geopolitics - high risk vendors should not be in our critical national infrastructure." 

In response, Oliver Dowden said there were concerns about impact of the move on the 5G network in the UK.

Mr Dowden said: "I genuinely understand the concerns expressed about this speed point. It is one that was considered extensively. In the end, we've made a balanced judgement. By the end of this parliament we will have put in law an irreversible process for the removal of it. The risk of going faster relates to the integrity of the network and the challenges around that."

Mr Seely has long been campaigning to ensure that Huawei is not part of the 5G roll out plan.