I'm wondering if anybody else has had the same problem that I have had this week (and before the first lockdown too) about getting a sharps bin disposed of.

I took mine back to Boots pharmacy in Cowes who had issued it to me but was told that they wouldn't accept it as it wasn't issued by them (when I was adamant they were the only pharmacy I use).

I have been getting my sharps bin from them ever since I started having to use insulin for my diabetes (many years ago).

I've never been anywhere else to dispose of my bin and needles and pick up my prescriptions.

When I said that I would leave the bin and contents on the counter I was threatened by them that they would call the police and that I would have to contact the council for them to remove it from my home.

By that time I was extremely upset and annoyed.

I took the bin home with me and duly contacted the council who said that they had never heard anything so ludicrous and that it was up to Boots of Cowes to dispose of the bin.

I have emailed Boots head office and am awaiting a reply.

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