The sound of chain saws continues in Los Altos Park with more trees disappearing.

Questions about replanting remain, without scrutiny and information for local people.

There is an overdue need for community involvement.

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Leaving decisions on this to the Isle of Wight Council is not helpful.

The park would benefit from a Friends of Los Altos Park organisation being formed.

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Such a body would be entitled to consultation and helpful input.

My stall, highlighting local issues, which is on my driveway on clear days, includes the threat to our historic roundabout, with traffic diverted into The Fairway and associated TPO petition.

Also, the threat to Lake Parish Council precept via a burdensome long-term loan for a dubious conversion of the New Road toilets into, among other things, a meetings and parties venue without proper consultation, by outsiders.

Consultation brings better decision making.

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