In recent weeks we have heard a lot about volunteer community first responders, festival ambulances being brought over to the Isle of Wight, firemen driving our ambulances and, most recently, St John’s Ambulance offering support to our beleaguered NHS ambulance service.

Don’t get me wrong, all amazing stuff, but isn’t it a clear indicator our Island ambulance service desperately needs greater provision and resilience?

It was recently announced that the preferred method of transferring Covid patients to the mainland was by ambulance and ferry.

Whenever such transfers happen, be it with Covid patients, or non-Covid patients, the results is one fewer ambulance and their crew on the Island for most of the day.

What might be considered acceptable minimum levels of cover on the mainland, with adjoining services able to offer immediate support if a service comes under strain, can not apply in a timely manner on our Island.

Our MP Bob Seely really needs to step up, and more importantly, ‘deliver’ for his constituents, otherwise what is the purpose in the Island having a well connected Conservative member of Parliament?

He needs to speak to Matt Hancock, explain the Island’s precarious situation, and secure the necessary funding so this issue can be urgently, and permanently, addressed.