Fascinating Isle of Wight Council meeting last week!

This was the budget setting meeting and the last of the council before the May elections.

Raising council tax by 4.99 per cent was soundly supported by the Tory majority despite good proposals by the independents, and a thoroughly well-researched set of amendments by Cllr Brodie, which would have kept the rise to 1.99 per cent.

Cllr Love made an excellent point that council members should have been working together well before the budget meeting and have brought a collective proposal to the table.

Cllr Garrett highlighted the lack of consensus in the current council, and the inability of members to work together across existing parties.

Clearly the Tories, secure in their current majority, were bound to vote through their own proposals. Less clear was information in the scrutiny committee papers, which stated the 4.99 per cent increase would mean an extra 563 households would need council tax support.

Effectively full council tax will then only be paid by 50 per cent of Island households.

In case you’re in any doubt, this dysfunctional council needs to be well and truly buried.

We have a choice on May 6 — please make sure you vote for candidates who have the interests of their residents at heart.

Postal vote application forms can be obtained from electoral.services@iow.gov.uk or by calling (01983) 823380.

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