It is during times of crisis that leaders, in both national and local government, reveal their true colours.

Some will throw themselves wholeheartedly into supporting and caring for those most in need, others will cease the opportunity to line their own pockets at the expense of others.

It is difficult to imagine anything more reprehensible than, in the middle of a global pandemic, to award yourselves pay rises paid for by huge increases in council tax.

What on earth are many IW Council members thinking?

There surely needs to be a massive clear-out of all those who have sunk to such despicable depths in the Island’s forthcoming May council elections.

The Island desperately needs to move forward with councillors and leaders who possess a high degree of moral and intellectual integrity.

But Islanders have an important role to play too.

Those who wish to see, and live, in a more caring and compassionate world have a responsibility to vote, and cast their vote wisely, mindful of politicians' past performance and attitudes.

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