I was interested to read Bob Seely’s column, ‘Island will be at forefront of integrated care’ (CP, 26-02-21).

Remember care in the community? The idea that people would be looked after? Sadly many weren’t.

As with all politician’s political grand standing announcements, the devil will be found in the detail.

No one doubts the need to integrate health and care, but the way to do it is not to embrace a platform that works across more and more providers, that’s simply a recipe for disaster.

You need to dissolve all these different agencies and bring them under the control of one body.

This will generate greater efficiencies, be cheaper to run, with clear lines of accountability, and more crucially from a patient's perspective, there will be fewer avenues where things can go wrong.

Bold decisions require bold actions.

The sensible thing would be to take adult social care out of the hands of the IW Council and place it with the IW NHS Trust, so all aspects of health and care, physical and mental, come under the control of the professionals the public trusts.

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