One the most welcome announcements in the recent budget is the creation of a Solent Freeport.

Freeports will demonstrate the free market's unrivalled potential to improve ordinary people's lives, power economic growth, organically regenerate and restore deprived areas.

Take, for example, the enhanced ten per cent rate of the structure and buildings allowance. This tripling of the standard rate means investments in constructing or renovating non-residential structures will be fully relieved three times quicker than under the standard rate.

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In practice, this means that there will be more modern , efficient, productive factories and other commercial buildings.

Not only will this boost the construction industry and protect jobs, it will improve the Solent's productive capabilities in a competitive, sustainable manner.

To ensure timely progress, buildings must also be in use by September 2026.

Also, full business rate relief will apply in freeports for all new business and for expanding existing businesses for five years.

This will curtail the fixed costs of potentially thousands of businesses across the region, and here on the Island.

Lower costs mean more businesses, more jobs, higher disposable incomes and a more sustainable, robust, diversified local economy.

Yet, the Green Party, despite, or perhaps even because of, these clear benefits, oppose freeports.

As for resurrecting the debate over the EU by rushing to defend a precarious European economy, I fail to see how they can have any claim to represent Islanders whilst they persist in continuing a done and dusted debate.

It is now the opposition parties that bang on about Europe'. Meanwhile, Conservatives are delivering for ordinary people.

It is understandable that some will be concerned about tax avoidance, let's remember, however, the less punitive the tax, the less incentive there is to avoid it.

Besides, under this Conservative government, even more measures will be deployed to tackle tax avoidance, which will collect around £2 billion over the next few years. Measures Labour will probably oppose.

It is by removing barriers and burdens on business, of whatever size, scope and ambition, that we will truly realise the limitless latent potential of our Island.

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