Vix Lowthion, leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party, recently called for an immediate carbon tax of £100 per metric tonne of CO2 emitted by major industrial and power companies to help combat climate change.

She further proposed to have this tax increased to £500 per metric tonne by 2030.

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According to data from BEIS, the UK emits, via industrial processes, 350 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, and another 50 million tonnes, according to DEFRA, via agricultural processes.

If the Greens plan were implemented the annual cost of non-agricultural emissions (mainly N2O and CH4) would rise to a staggering £175 billion, and the cost of agricultural emissions would cost another £25billion.

The additional costs of the Greens' carbon tax, if implemented, would force the closure and relocation abroad of virtually the entire UK manufacturing base, send domestic power prices beyond sky high, close farms and force millions into food poverty.

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