It is too easy for us to look at the terrible murder of Sarah Everard in London, and think that violence against women does not occur on the Isle of Wight.

Only this week two court convictions, reported by the County Press, have been made after Island women were subjected to physical abuse in the home, and in an attack outside Newport Bus Station.

It is men who are the perpetrators of this violence against women. It goes without saying that this is not all men.

And yet it is women who are instructed by the police to stay at home to avoid harm – not men.

This violence will only end when men join women in fighting for safe streets and to reject all violence in our homes.

The arrests during the peaceful vigil on Clapham Common at the weekend illustrate that it is still largely women who stand up bravely and publicly in opposition to violence against women.

Men — please stand alongside us too.

Violence against women is not a problem that women can solve alone.

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