From John Baldry, Ventnor:

I am writing to voice my concern over the police handling of the recent events on Clapham Common.

We had women gathered, all socially distanced, in solidarity with the abduction and murder of Sarah Everard.

It is ironic that the famous friendly British bobby was forcefully dragging women off the streets for protesting about being forcefully dragged off the streets.

Women being pushed to the ground and handcuffed by grown men while a helicopter droned overhead as if this was a terrorist operation.

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These were women understandably enraged that these crimes are being perpetuated in 2021, crimes that are possibly being carried out and under detected due to the vast numbers of police that have disappeared since George Osborne's austerity measures were introduced — a policy that our MP, Mr Bob Seely applauded and still applauds.

The first steps toward a police state?

This one terrible police incident has cost the British police force an incredible amount of public sympathy and backing. Public support that is the only way that our policing works.

It was also nauseating to see our Prime Minister faking outrage at the way the women were treated, when at this very moment he is trying to put a bill through parliament to hinder and restrict public demonstrations. He is being very hypocritical.

It is also a move that would appear to put the UK on the road to being a fascist state. The main reason for Brexit perhaps?

This would not be happening if we were still in the EU. The slogan, ‘Take back control’ makes more sense now. Control the people!