In reply to Mr Martin Bilson’s letter (CP, 12-03-21), I wish to allay his fears.

The Parking Review Paper made many recommendations of both policy and of a practical nature.

One area of review was car parks. It detailed car park usage and suggested several could be considered for disposal as they are underused. Mornington was one of those.

However, there are no plans to sell Mornington or any other car parks based on the papers suggestions.

If the council decided to act on any of the recommendations they would be subject to the normal decision making procedure.

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The paper is not an authority to act. They are just recommendation to consider.

Mornington Wood Car park is located in a wood, on a known unstable hillside, surrounded by protected trees, with a public convenience as a view and is a valuable part of the infrastructure to a much-loved recreational area and looked after by valuable volunteers whose work is greatly appreciated.

The chances of it progressing beyond this stage is in my mind as an IW councillor, former chairman of planning and resident of Cowes — nil.

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