While emptying my attic, I rediscovered a photograph of a house with drawing details that I've had since I found it when clearing a storeroom at work more than 25 years ago.

When my daughter asked where the house was, my response of 'not a clue' was deemed insufficient and she just had to know.

Google and local websites revealed it was a house called The Gates of St. John in Riboleau Street, Ryde, built in 1912 for a rich eccentric spinster and later owned by a lady who had it dismantled in 1948 and transported to Cornwall to be rebuilt there.

This just leaves the mystery of what was the 'incident' referred to under the photograph. Perhaps one of your readers could assist.

Please contact me at raylangley1954@gmail.com. or 77 Whitepit Lane, Newport, PO30 1NF

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