I can’t wait for the 0.5 per cent increase in my disability benefit next month, which is going to be more than swallowed up by the five per cent hike in council tax, and the nice pay rise which councillors have awarded themselves.

I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again, why can’t we go back to the days when councils were run by part-time volunteers, with ‘real world’ daytime jobs, when every penny of the budget went where it was supposed to go, on services the taxpayers are paying for.

What have we got now?, a council leader on a big salary, and all the other councillors who are probably not far behind.

All that money which used to go on services now ends up in the councillors’ pockets.

Is it any wonder that every year council tax goes up, councillors’ salaries go up while services are cut.

If I’m forced to give money which is supposed to make my life easier to the council, I’d like it to go on things like day centres for the disabled, etc, instead of in the pockets of those who already have a lot more money to live on than I do.

I understand councillors don’t want to give up their golden tickets on the gravy train, but apart from that, is there any logical reason that we can’t go back to those old-style councils?

Please don’t be apathetic, make sure you use your vote in May.

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