Governments around the world are becoming increasingly authoritarian as their populations begin to kick back against being disenfranchised while seeing corruption, incompetent and cronyism by those in power.

In desperation we are seeing governments increasingly attacking Press freedoms and passing legislation that seeks to prevent people’s right to protest.

What’s going on?

Are we seeing some kind of preplanned post Brexit strategy in the UK, to position a deregulated Britain as the sweat shop of Europe with a subservient workforce desperate to scrape a living on the minimum wage?

During the last economic crisis the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer.

Perhaps this time around it isn’t going to be so easy as many middle classes families begin to endure the pain, hence the need to control growing social disquiet.

We may not be Myanmar, who have also banned protests, but one thing is for sure, we are living through interesting, if not, dangerous times.

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