I am writing on behalf of an elderly neighbour (82) who was astonished (as indeed I was) to find her parking permit costs had gone from £40 to £72.

She was informed she could no longer send a cheque in payment and would have to go on line and pay with a credit card.

She does not have internet access, nor a computer, smart phone or credit card.

My question is how do the council justify this enormous increase in fees (due to privatisation) and how are elderly people supposed to afford these costs and, without access to the required technology, pay for the permit?

These people are on a fixed income & access to a vehicle is important to them.

When tourism restarts (it never stopped to some extent with second home owners/renters) how are these elderly people with mobility issues going to find a place to park within a reasonable distance from their residences if all you need to get a visitor permit is a smart phone and a credit card?

With a limited amount of parking could the council consider limiting the number of permits in line with the amount of spaces perhaps?

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