I write in support of both Martin Bilson and Cllr Richard Hollis regarding the threat to Mornington Wood, in Cowes.

It is a lovely area of well kept greenery and is well worth preserving.

Specifically I want to focus on the fact that the Mornington Road Car Park is under-used, which is true. Frequently the car park is almost empty whilst at the same time Mornington Road is crammed with cars parked nose to tail alongside the grassy area and, amazingly, parked on a blind 90-degree corner at the junction of Mornington Road and Cliff Road.

Use of the car park would increase significantly if double yellow lines were painted all the way along Mornington Road and around the corner into Cliff Road.

This would force cars to be parked in the car park where they belong.

Not only would this make driving along Mornington Road safer, it would improve the environment. It would also increase council revenue.

Even if parking charges were reduced from their present level, paradoxically, revenue may still increase since so few cars use the car park at present.

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