After reading the ridiculous quote attributed to Cllr Ian Ward on the County Press website saying complaints about e-scooters have all died away and his considered opinion is that the novelty has worn off now and you are probably only getting the serious user, I say come to Ryde.

I am therefore prompted to give my own opinion that this ludicrous trial is yet another failure for the Isle of Wight (think original track and trace).

Has some monetary benefit to the Isle of Wight Council has been at the forefront of this?

I have no confidence in the law or legal system regarding prosecution and Beryl Scooters also seem to have absolved themselves of any responsibility.

My understanding was the rider must hold a provisional or full driving licence. Clearly, judging by the ages of the young people on them, they could not be in receipt of either one.

Here are my objections:

1 I have witnessed youngsters hanging around for an adult to unlock scooters for them. Presumably if there was an accident the adult's details would show up? What about the insurance side of things if a calamity occurred?

2 During this pandemic the scooters are unsanitised between rides and potentially carrying Covid infections. This seems like an encouragement to spread diseases.

3. There are numerous incidents of riders not adhering to the rules of the road, going the wrong way up one-way streets and jumping red lights, putting themselves and motorists at risk. They carry passengers and illegally ride on pavements with blatant disregard for the safety of pedestrians.

4. They are encouraging people to flout not only government exercise rules, but meeting in groups and also non-essential travel. They are just toys for bored youngsters. Very rarely have I seen adults riding them.

5. Often scooters are not put back into their bays, even though it apparently carries a fine, causing hazards to people with impaired vision, mobility scooters etc.

6. The local cemetery has become a meeting area most evenings for young people to congregate on scooters. There have been tyre marks over graves, which is utterly disrespectful.

E-scooters? No thank you!

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