As a Brexit sceptic I am beginning to wonder if my opinion might have been wrong.

The way the EU leadership has/is acting over its vaccination programme is not only deeply embarrassing, but also wholly irresponsible.

The sooner, as a country, we are more self sufficient on all fronts, the better, and at a micro level that goes for the Isle of Wight and its relationship with the mainland to.

Coronavirus has laid bare our vulnerabilities when we have a government that doesn’t fix the roof whilst the sun shines.

After a rolling catalogue of failures it is now, in desperation, seeking to attach itself to the one and only success story in this whole sorry pandemic saga, the UK’s roll out of the vaccine.

But just pause for a minute and look at the legacy now facing our NHS, a mountain of untreated patients desperately awaiting procedures that have been put on hold for well over a year.

Does a government who has so spectacularly failed in ensuring our NHS has resilience and capacity hold the key to moving our country forward when it seems incapable of understanding that you can’t create a healthy and vibrant economy without first ensuring you have a healthy and vibrant population?