Due to big building projects along the seafront a lot of plastic insulation blocks and other construction rubbish is on the beaches which I voluntarily clean from Ryde to Seaview.

I am really worried about plastic pollution.

They are even finding plastic pollution at the top of Everest.

Everyone should do their bit to tackle plastic pollution.

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Every little helps as every little bit kills.

The pictures here show two larger blocks of polystyrene and were the results of my beach cleaning efforts one day last week on the day of the huge black smoke plumes obscuring the sun from the fire at the Harcourt Sands building site.

The debris was found on beach directly in front of their site. Tide was out.

For approximately a week prior, I collected hundreds of poly particles from Ryde beach near their site and wind blown all the way to the former Three Buoys Cafe.

I would be interested to know if and how often the Environment Agency visit and monitor such building sites to ensure safe and eco-conscious containment and disposal of potentially toxic materials?

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