The Prime Minister wants to” build back better from this pandemic by building back greener."

The Isle of Wight is doing its bit by having a local company, MHI Vestas, manufacturing wind turbine blades for Seagreen Wind Energy and therefore contributing to combat the effects of climate change.

The baffling thing is that these blades are be used off shore at Fife in Scotland and not on or offshore here on the windy Isle of Wight.

The Island does it's bit for renewable energy in the way of solar but the wind is, as yet, an untapped energy source here.

Anybody who watched either Ade Adepitan or Greta Thunberg's recent television programmes on climate change will realise that there is a climate crisis and unless we do something we won't have beautiful scenery to look at and enjoy.

Whether wind turbines add or detract from the scenery is debatable but so do roads and railways as did coal mines and as oil exploration and extraction might again if that plan goes ahead.

The new Isle of Wight Council should address this issue positively and actively support the erection of wind turbines on the Island.

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