A PIECE of Isle of Wight nostalgia has surfaced on an auction website — at an eye-watering price of £32,000.

One of the Island Line train carriages, replaced by refitted, newer carriages this year, is available to purchase on eBay, with offers below the asking price invited.

Built in 1938 in Birmingham by Metro-Cammell, these deep-level tube trains served the London underground between 1938 and 1988, before serving the Island from 1989 until January this year.

A £26 million upgrade to the Isle of Wight's network, operated by South Western Railway, between Shanklin and Ryde, is expected to be completed this summer following a couple of delays.

Photos as old Island Line trains make their final Isle of Wight trip

Withdrawn from Island life earlier this year, these trains were the oldest operating units on the rail network in passenger service.

This carriage is used and was used on the Island as a donor vehicle in later life and the seller states both it and much of the interior will "need a full restoration" and "extensive work."

The auction went live earlier this month and the train is now based in London, where it will need to be collected — a tall order in itself.

To find out more about the largest piece of mobile Isle of Wight nostalgia on the market at the moment visit:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164862161616