A Go Fund Me appeal has been launched, in aid of a Cowes family whose house was gutted by fire on Tuesday.

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A woman aged in her sixties and two people aged in their twenties were treated in hospital, for the effects of smoke inhalation, after they were alerted by their smoke alarm and managed to escape.

According to the Go Fund Me appeal, one of the residents is an NHS nurse and had been preparing for retirement.

It aims to raise £1,500, in aid of the family.

Five fire engines were called to the scene as smoke poured out of the terraced property on Arctic Road yesterday lunchtime.

Neighbouring properties were also evacuated.

The smoke could be seen across the river, in East Cowes. 

In a Go Fund Me appeal, Micha Gail Andal wrote: "My mother-in-law has literally lost everything, and at this awful time I am hoping that as a community we can pull together to give them the support and help that they will need going forward. 

"House fires are devastating but thankfully they all survived (my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law) but was sent to the hospital for tests and treatments.

"Please if you can help with any donation even a small one it will make a huge difference."