EVERYONE knows the Isle of Wight is famous for our sandy stretch of beaches, our fossil and the beautiful Needles

Yet some of the history of the Island may come as a surprise to even the most seasoned of residents.

Here are some interesting and unusual facts you may not know about the Isle of Wight.

It is the sunniest place in the UK

British summers are notorious for being unpredictable but here on the Isle of Wight we get to bask in the best of the sunshine.

The Island enjoys an average of over 37 hours of sunshine a week compared to the national average of 29.7 hours

It is where the first radio was set up

Guglielmo Marconi in December 1896 set up the first wireless radio on the Isle of Wight.
He wanted to investigate and experiment with transmission to ships at sea, his revolutionary wireless equipment in the Royal Needles Hotel, above Alum Bay.  

From there it went out all around the world.

Home to the UK’s oldest amusement park

Blackgang Chine is the UK’s oldest theme park having been built in 1843. It was first popular with the Victorians and is still drawing the crowds today.

Legends say it is the most haunted Island in the world

Priory Bay Hotel, Enchanted Manor Hotel, St Catherine’s Lighthouse, Ventnor Botanic Gardens and Knighton Gorges are all said to be home to haunting ghosts.

Infamous criminals

Prisoners sent to the Isle of Wight included the Richardson brothers, Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, and Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who all served time at Parkhurst.

Even King Charles I ended up incarcerated here, at Carisbrooke Castle, which is now one of the Island's most popular attractions.

How many of these did you know? Have we missed any, let us know below.