The results are in and sadly we appear to have another Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) who, like her predecessor, seems to have no empathy with or for the Island.

In her local TV interviews on Monday last week, she singular failed to mention or include the Island once.

We are, as we all know, a separate county, we are not a part of Hampshire which she appeared not to comprehend.

So more of the same, her predecessor showed his apparent disregard for the Island during his first week in office.

VIDEO: Donna Jones 'humbled' by election as commissioner.

Read more: Donna Jones wins PCC election.

Similarly with the newly formed fire authority, recent news items have consistently referred to “Hampshire Fire and Rescue”, Not "Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service".

As suspected by some Islanders we appear to being airbrushed out, but, far sooner than we expected.

I can only hope that our elected councillors, particularly Tig Outlaw, will correct the situation.

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