The Isle of Wight is not the only place dealing with a dental health crisis, according to patient watchdog Healthwatch England, which has shared its report with news agency PA.

The organisation says it has been told of delays and waiting lists from Cornwall, to Suffolk, to Hertfordshire.

The report quotes a patient on the Isle of Wight, who told Healthwatch: “My dentist went back to Bulgaria in 2016 and ever since, no Island dentist has been willing to take me as a new patient.

“The results are three teeth almost missing, two others chipped and I am in constant pain with several abscesses.

“It’s getting hard to chew and even to speak, as I am missing a front tooth.

“I don’t have the means to go private which is the only option offered to me – it’s scandalous.”

The report also raises concern that people are being “pressured” to get private dental care.

In April, it emerged that more than half of adults on the Isle of Wight have not been to a dentist in the past two years and only 26 per cent of children went in 2020.

In March, Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely highlighted his concerns in a letter to government Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

In February, Islanders were told to be patient, as the NHS announced plans for extra funding to help practices provide more appointments.