From Joan Hall, of Gurnard:

How I sympathised with Sue Porteous, ‘no one answering the phone anymore’ (CP 28-05-21).

Twice this week I have been knocked over with joy and amazement.

Lloyds Bank in Newport, I got their answer machine, I had a big problem.

Almost immediately a young lady returned my call.

To say I was ecstatic and overwhelmed is an understatement — I could hear the staff in the office laughing at my noisy excitable comments.

I explained my problem, I was given an appointment for the next day…Courteous, kind, calm.

On Thursday, May 27, Gurnard had a massive power cut at 3pm, everywhere was without power.

Living on my own I needed to know when it was going to be on again.

I phoned the emergency number, it was answered immediately, I was so relieved.

Being on the ‘priority’ list which the man on the phone knew from my details, he was concerned about my welfare — nice!

He told me they would send someone to the local junction box by 4pm, he arrived at 4pm.

They informed me by text what the problem was and that the power would be back on at 6pm and it was.

I also had texts afterwards to see that I had power and that I was alright.

So don’t lose heart. If I can be overwhelmed with surprise it will happen to you. I think times are changing.

If Lloyds Bank and SSE can do it, so can all the rest.

My grateful thanks go to them both.

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