From Tina Snow, Newport:

I write with increasing frustration at the number of vehicles which jump the lights at Coppins Bridge.

In my view, there is no safe link between Staplers Road and the main high street.

Myself and my guide dog Quiz have had at least seven near misses on the pedestrian crossings between Staplers and Newport High Street.

In an ideal world, pedestrians need a separate foot bridge across Coppins Bridge, but I realise the cost is too high and there is practical reasons why this can’t happen.

Please would the Isle of Wight Council and Hampshire Constabulary consider urgently installing a fixed CCTV camera and number plate recognition so the offending drivers can be caught and prosecuted.

Unless urgent action is taken, some one will be seriously injured or killed on these crossings.

Please may I appeal to your readers to report all incidents of light jumping to the police so we can get a real idea of the problem.

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