The Boundary Commission for England has released the latest proposal for the IW’s two constituencies.

This is further modified from the previous proposal, offering an east-west split along the Medina to Newport that finishes at Luccombe Down.

Whilst this is good news and we will have a second MP, the boundary seems to be split along tighter demographic lines that might produce a predictable outcome.

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You might argue this is good news, but if that outcome is always the same and we have a Conservative and Labour/Green/Alliance etc MP then our votes will effectively be neutralised in Parliament.

I wonder if it would be better to have the line drawn north to south-east from say Yarmouth/Newtown through Newport(split)to finish at Luccombe Down.

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This provides an open mix of demographic views that should lead to greater competition and chance of change rather than follow fixed political lines with no advantage to IW. Have your say at

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