WALKS, beaches and scenery are among the things people most like about Island life.

We asked our Facebook followers "I love the Isle of Wight because..." at the weekend.

There were hundreds of varied responses.

Here's some of them:

Mich Muldowney said: "Although it’s small it never seems crowded and it’s got such varied and beautiful scenery."

Joanne Ellis said: "I was born here 50 years ago, I’ll never tire of the walks, beaches and beautiful scenery."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Above, the IW Walking Festival

Barbara Lane Lingard said: "The Island offers something for everyone, there’s spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, the people are so friendly.

"When you live in Essex, or most places probably, it’s a rat race, never enough time in the day. So when we arrive on this beautiful Island, it reminds us that it’s OK to slow down and take time for ourselves and our families. Thank you Isle of Wight for being unique!"

Colin Whitlock said: "Best speedway club in the country."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Speedway picture by Ian Groves

Lesley Robertson said: "Love the quirkiness, the wonderful places to eat, the beautiful countryside and stunning scenery, and love that people will actually talk to you in the pub! The list goes on…"

Jay Cameron Hooper said: "Very friendly and kind people, wonderful vistas, and a moderate climate."

Marisa Rosato said: "Those amazing restaurants in Ventnor…."

Isle of Wight County Press:

Ventnor Beach in picture by Raymond Metcalfe of the IW County Press Camera Club.

Lots of people said they love the Island because they were born here and it is home.

There was a personal reason for Stephanie Carvell, who said: "I love the Isle of Wight because that's where I met my soon to be husband for the first time (he's an Islander) and where we now live happily in our little home."

Many people said they live on the mainland but enjoy coming to the Island regularly for holidays.

Kim O'loghlen said: "So many happy memories of holidays with my mum, dad and brother from the '60s as a child. Then from the '90s, holidays with our children. Then from 2018 my husband and I come to the Island several times a year. It’s just beautiful."

We'll let Dan Smith and Steven Caudle have the last word. They both said they love the Island because "It has a great floating bridge."