Fog patches will reform during Thursday afternoon, in river valleys and near lakes, and may become locally dense during the evening, says the Met Office.

However, while the national Met Office's yellow weather warning just skirts the Isle of Wight's coast, the Isle of Wight Met Service says we are likely to see fog this side of the Solent.

In his own weather warning, local forecaster Jamie Russell said: "Localised fog banks have been lingering from early this morning (Thursday).

"Further fog banks are likely to develop elsewhere as we move into the evening, at first in mostly rural parts but becoming much more widespread later in the night, with some of the fog becoming extremely dense in places."

Fog caused delays from East Cowes this morning, though ferries are now running to timetable.

Jamie Russell said: "Tomorrow morning will see rather widespread foggy conditions with some potentially lingering right through the day."

Read the Isle of Wight Met Service warning in full HERE and the national Met Office warning HERE.

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