When you snuggle down in a warm bed tonight spare a thought for the many Ukrainians hunkered down in basements, sheltering from the military aggression of Russia.

Perhaps one of the most poignant images coming out of Kyiv (Kiev) was the missile striking a residential tower block, visually reminiscent of Bin Laden’s 911 attack on the twin towers.

Thousands of Ukrainian women and young children are fleeing their homes, which, rather than providing a safe haven, are under attack by those willing to follow the orders of a mass murderer.

It is at such times we see the true calibre of our politicians and leaders.

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Here in the UK, restrictions on receiving refugees has yet to been lifted for those who do not already have family here.

Kevin Foster, Conservative MP for Torbay, our government’s immigration minister, tweeted that there are a number of routes for Ukrainian refugees to use, not least our seasonal workers scheme.

So they can come here if they are prepared to pick fruit! Despicable doesn’t begin to describe the likes of Mr Foster in my opinion.

We are told that the SWIFT banking system has been withdrawn, but not ‘all’ Russian banks are being excluded from SWIFT.

Sanctions will only freeze about half of Russian reserves held by G7 countries.

To have any real effect this money along with the wealth and properties held by Putin’s network of corrupt oligarchs needs to be confiscated, not simply frozen.

It is only when these high-ranking Putin supporters and their families are totally excluded from Western society that Putin will be ousted and made to appear in The Hague to face war crimes.